Gelato Dessert Recipe, A Delicious New Flavor

Italian Gelato dessert, along with pizza, spaghetti, pasta, and espresso coffee, are among the food symbols of Italy.and now here is a Gelato dessert Recipe ...

These days, we see the name gelato or Gelato on the front of many ice cream shops, but real Gelato is not like this! Gelato has less fat and air than common ice creams, its sweetness decreased compared to forty years ago, and it is served at a higher temperature. These features have also made it have a thicker flavor.

If you visit Sicily, southern Italy, on a summer day, you’ll see passers-by wandering around with Gelato. Arab immigrants created the popularity of Gelato in Italy. They made a kind of ice syrup that was very enjoyable in the hot weather. This idea made Chef Cotto think of making Gelato in the late 17th century.

Until a few years ago, teaching how to make this dessert was breast-to-breast and family; some gelato shops in Italy became so famous that they were called the king of Gelato; of course, this job also has a queen: Giovanna Musumci, the daughter of the famous and late Sicilian gelato maker. He inherited his ice cream-making skills from his father and combined them with scientific instructions to make the best possible dessert, and his efforts have made his city famous.


New Gelato Flavors That Have Won Multiple Awards

Italian gelato ice cream, along with pizza, spaghetti, pasta, and espresso coffee, are among the food symbols of Italy. Meanwhile, gelato ice cream has different types and a long history. In the coffee set magazine, we tell you everything about gelato ice cream, its history, and how to prepare the Italian affogato dessert for hot summer days, made based on espresso coffee.

Today, his gelateria, Musumchi’s ice cream shop, has won numerous awards for its innovative flavors; Strafico, a combination of ripe figs and hazelnuts. Pirandello is a combination of roasted and caramelized almonds, lemon peel and chocolate, and finally, the newest flavor of Oro Verde della Sicilia gelato, a combination of pistachio, tangerine, and caramelized almonds.

Musumchi said to buy a gelato of your choice and have a choice, ask the gelato makers for guidance, and ask about the ingredients of each flavor. “You can put 2,000 things in a gelato, but my theory is if you don’t need it, don’t,” he said. “You don’t need a lot of ingredients to make a good gelato.”

He also recommended using stainless steel basins to store Gelato so the customer can see it; “If the container is dirty or liquid has come out of the ice cream, I never buy it,” Musumichi stated. Do not buy either.”


What is gelato dessert?

There are many types of Italian gelato ice cream. “Valeria” is made with peaches and a martini. “Jasmine,” made with linguini or Indian pineapple and chocolate pieces, covers the ice cream (similar to magnum ice cream) and Giulia ice cream, which has the classic gelato flavor and is the flagship of the ice creams.

The history of gelato dates back to ancient Rome. But like most European inventions, the roots of this invention can be found in Chinese and Arabic cultures. The word sorbet seems derived from the word sharbat. The first generation of these desserts was like frozen juices. Nero, the king of Rome, served his guests a dessert that was a mixture of mountain snow plus honey and fruit. This ice cream was prepared from the snow that Nero’s soldiers had collected from the top of the mountain during the winter, and the cool summer dessert was reserved for the noble and wealthy classes. But the gelato cream ice cream we know today dates back to the Renaissance.

  In his 1891 book Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well (Recipes on the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well), Artusi included 24 recipes for Gelato and sorbet (such as cherry cinnamon gelato or almond milk gelato), which you can easily prepare at home with and without a device. His research on the history of this dessert dates back to the time of Catherine de Medici, who took Florentine chefs to Paris in 1533 when she married Henry II of France. Artusi says he served the Gelato to impress his French guests, but the recipe remained secret for another century, although today we know he made it with milk.

Italian Dessert Recipe


  • Gelato ice cream: 1 scoop (vanilla ice cream, fior di latte, or creamy ice cream are the best choices)
  • Espresso coffee: 1 shot

How to Make?

Pour 1 scoop of ice cream into a latte mug or an open-mouthed glass. If you want to make a few affogato desserts, pour ice cream scoops into each mug or glass and put it in the freezer until it hardens. Then make the espresso coffee, pour a shot of espresso coffee on each scoop, and serve the dessert immediately.

When you pour espresso coffee on top of the ice cream, the ice cream starts to melt, and many foam forms on the affogato. After a few minutes, the ice cream and coffee will be at the same temperature, and the ice cream will no longer melt and will remain like a cold ball in the drink, which is soft and slightly melted on the outside and cold and hard on the inside.

The Difference Between Ice Cream And Gelato

Gelato is derived from the Latin word gelatos, which means icy and cold and ice cream in Italian. However, Italian ice cream, or Artisanal Gelato, has special characteristics completely different from Ice Cream. Therefore, although the literal meaning of both words, Gelato and Ice Cream, is the same, in the ice cream industry, Gelato is a type of ice cream with completely different characteristics from Ice Cream. The first major difference between ice cream and Gelato is fat content. The fat content of ice cream is usually between 7 and 10 percent. While in Ice Cream, this amount is higher than 12%. But can you make Gelato at home? How to prepare fruit gelato?

Gelato has less cold transfer sensation than Ice Cream. In other words, Gelato is served at a higher temperature than ice cream. Another difference between ice cream and Gelato is the amount of volume and air, which is significantly less in Gelato. Because of this, the flavor transfer power in Gelato is much higher, and there is no need to use essential oils and industrial flavorings. Follow us with how to prepare fruit gelato.

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Magical Fruit Gelato

Necessary Ingredients For Preparing

  • 500 ml full-fat milk
  • Sugar (soft and granulated) 200 grams
  • Two egg yolks
  • A spoonful of soup
  • Strawberries (mashed) 250 ml
  • Cantaloupe (mashed) 250 ml
  • Fresh lemon juice 125 ml
  • Vanilla sugar 1/4 teaspoon
  • Breakfast cream, 200 grams
  • Cut some fresh fruits for decoration

How to prepare Fruit Gelato

  • First stage: Heat full-fat milk and sugar in a pot on low heat. Mix egg yolks and fox with a hand mixer, then gradually add warm milk and mix.
  • Second stage: Return the egg mixture to the pot and divide it into three parts after mixing. Add strawberry puree to one part, cantaloupe puree to one part, and fresh lemon juice to the next part and mix.
  • Third level: Then stir the ingredients separately on a gentle heat until they become thick. However, be careful not to boil. Remove the mixture from the heat and add vanilla and cream to each.
  • The fourth stage: Cover the surface of the ice creams with a plastic bag and let them cool. Then pour the cream into the homemade ice cream maker, set the machine to the settings, and turn it on. The ice cream is ready. Scoop it, decorate it with some fruit in a suitable dish, and serve.

Tips on How To Prepare Gelato

If you don’t have a homemade ice cream maker, pour it into a metal container and put it in the freezer for an hour. Take the Gelato out of the freezer every hour and beat it slowly with an electric mixer until smooth and soft. Repeat this 3 to 4 times until the glaze is ready.

The Differences Between Gelato Ice Cream And Regular Ice Cream

Gelato is known all over the world as Italian ice cream. However, you should know that Gelato differs from ordinary ice cream. From the beginning, the Gelato had a thicker and firmer texture; Because of this, the Gelato melts more slowly and can be stored in the open air longer. In the following, we introduce the differences between Gelato and regular ice cream:

  • Rubbery texture: Due to its stretchy and thick texture, Gelato has a creamier and softer texture than regular ice cream.
  • Raw materials: Cream, milk, and sugar are in ice cream and gelato ingredients. However, more milk and less cream are used in making Gelato, and egg yolk, one of the ingredients of normal ice cream, is often not used in making Gelato. to be
  • Butter, air, and flavor: Ice cream usually contains 10-25% butter fat. At the same time, Italian Gelato has only 4 to 9% fat. If you are worried about gaining weight and consuming too many calories, maybe Gelato is a safer choice. Also, Gelato has less air in its texture, which makes it have a thick, dense, stretchy, and creamy texture. In addition, using a lower percentage of fat shows different flavors better. For this reason, gelato ice cream is usually tastier and tastier than regular ice cream, and the taste of different fruits can be felt completely.
  • Temperature: The melting temperature is another difference between gelato ice cream and regular ice cream. Gelato can usually be eaten at a temperature of 10-15 degrees warmer than regular ice cream without any problems. For this reason, you can fully taste the ice cream and enjoy it without your tongue becoming numb from the extreme coldness of the ice cream.
  • How to serve: The Gelato is usually poured into large bowls and removed as much as the customer wants when serving.


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