2024 Dessert Trends: Great 5 Sweetie Pastries of This Year to Bite-on!

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Nothing is more satisfying than a hot chimney cake freshly baked and served after the morning black cup of coffee or a hot Bagal to fill your afternoon delicacy! For me, I’m in love with deserts, and now the dessert trends, with their daily transformations, to be even more lovely.

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Delicate dessert is a dish that satisfies the sweet tooth and provides a delicious meal finale. Various components, such as fruits, chocolate, sugar, cream, and nuts, can be used to make desserts.
The dessert world is constantly changing in the transforming realm of gastronomy as creative and flavorful culinary experts push the envelope. A new era of gourmet sweets will emerge as 2024 has finally drawn, enthralling foodies with a tasteful blend of innovation and sweet traditions.

Dessert trends are circulating through the zeitgeist faster than ever, mainly because of TikTok, Instagram, and the quick speed at which knowledge is shared. Therefore, we consumed early trend estimates to help us determine what would be rising to the top of 2024 Dessert trends and asked the following specialists for their intimate knowledge:

1. Vegan Dessert Trends: Plant-Based Sweeties

plant-based desserts

The bread sector is changing due to the gradual and profound shift in customer preferences from animal-based to plant-based diets. Although many breads are currently completely vegan, several baked goods still contain a significant amount of dairy, eggs, and butter. Our research indicates that 56% of global customers are open to purchasing plant-based alternatives for (sweet) bakery goods. Thus, there is a massive need for plant-based bakery developments, particularly in the Asia-Pacific area (68%), South America (70%), and the Middle East and Africa (74%).

Businesses that have already seized the chance include Soy Concha Bakery. Plant-based alternatives to pan dulce, the classic Mexican sweet buns, have been created. But as the plant-based movement gains traction, we observe that customers demand more options than vegan variations of the classics.

Since 52% of customers believe that plant-based substitutes taste just as delicious as food items derived from animals, trendsetters, and innovators are now searching for plant-based recipes that specifically highlight the unique qualities of plants. Plant-based has given way to plant-unique. Plant-based components are increasingly used in vegan cuisine for their unique sensory or flavor qualities, not as a stand-in or mimic.

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2. The Classic Dessert Trends Continue

two croissants with coffee

According to the data, consumers enjoy trying new meals but are not eager to go too far into uncharted territory. They are searching for innovations that have a known component. 73% of customers said they like to have a familiar element while tasting new types of food, suggesting that consumers are clinging to the tried-and-true classics even more. That amounted to only 67% of people globally in 2021. Customers in South America, the Middle East, and Africa are particularly suspicious of anything too novel and distinctive, scoring 79%.

Classic hot cross buns, chimney cakes, or tres leches cakes bring back fond memories of family get-togethers while offering everyone’s favorite sweet and creamy flavors. Novel forms and various textures could be among the new goodies of the year.

According to Puratos, texture is becoming an essential ingredient that can provide a baked good with novelty and familiarity. “So, decide whether to give your famous pastries a surprising caramel center or just concentrate on making your cake dough extra fluffy.”

More than ever, appearance counts. Five years ago, 54% of customers concurred that food that presents well also tastes well. That percentage has now increased to 64%. Quality can be determined by appearance, and an artisanal and handmade style is prized more highly than merely being flawlessly rendered.

3. Trend Desserts with Tea and Coffee Infusions

coffee infused cake

Food enthusiasts say desserts with a hint of tea or coffee will also be popular in 2024. Traditionally, coffee and tea have been served with desserts. Desserts, though, are beginning to feature these drink flavors. These sweets with a strong tea or coffee taste are layered with balancing flavors like vanilla, cream cheese, and pumpkin. They offer a creative twist on traditional combinations and are definitely worth trying.

In addition, using tea and coffee infusions in desserts adds a unique depth of flavor that enhances the overall taste experience. The infusion process allows the subtle notes of tea or coffee to permeate the dessert, creating a harmonious blend of flavors that tantalize the palate. This innovative approach to dessert creation showcases the versatility of these beloved beverages and will captivate food lovers in 2024.

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4. Tech-savvy Dessert Trend Now

tech-savvy cake with details

Technology is also making its way into the dessert realm. 3D printing will enable elaborate designs and bespoke creations, while augmented reality experiences will give dessert menus a whimsical edge. Prepare to be amazed by interactive delicacies that blur the barriers between reality and digital fantasy, such as themed 3D cakes.

The ‘Tech Inspired’ movement will shape the patisserie scene in 2024. It has clearly established itself as the fastest-growing global dessert trends in the sector. At its foundation is the integration of cutting-edge technologies like AI, driven by consumers’ increasing hunger for distinctive and memorable eating experiences—a trend we’ve branded as ‘Experience Delight.’ This transition is evident as consumers prefer the convenience of Internet shopping, driving brick-and-mortar patisserie establishments to upgrade their products to provide outstanding, unforgettable experiences.

Notably, a sizable 42% of consumers globally now urge for more automated retailers, a significant increase from the reported 35% in 2018. This figure highlights the growing need for tech-inspired and distinctive shopping experiences, which is being extended to the patisserie sector.

5. Local-Authentic Trend Desserts

chimney cake, local dessert

Things from afar used to profit from an aura of uniqueness and singularity, but not anymore. Consumers now prefer to buy locally produced or grown food. 39% of consumers believe locally produced or manufactured products with locally sourced ingredients at least once a week. Local pastries gain authenticity from their unique recipes and benefit from better-perceived value and quality.

According to Taste Tomorrow, two out of every three consumers want to know where their food originates, so openness is essential to capitalize on the local dessert trend. Transparency is most desired in the Middle East and Africa, where 81% of consumers want to be informed about product specifications.

Sustainability is a significant motivator here: 70% of consumers believe that shopping locally is better for the environment. Puratos’ research discovered that another 65% of people think they’re healthier.

We know that Chimney-cake is a favorable dessert of Romania or Hungry. In this modern era, finding local authentic desserts would not be such a difficult thing to do. Also, knowing that special local dishes and desserts are trending now, It would be an awesome idea to learn about chimney cakes or cones to cook at home. There’s an authentic blog by the Merika cafe team where you can learn about the chimney cake recipe and other related facts about the tastiest chimney cakes you can cook at home.


The desert environment of 2024 promises to be a sensory overload of flavors, sensations, and craftsmanship. Every facet of gourmet desserts will be precisely constructed to entice the taste buds and the sight and imagination of dessert fans, from plant-based and vegan choices to the merging of classic and contemporary techniques. As we look forward to the culinary miracles that await us, the dessert trends of 2024 will make an indelible mark on the world of gastronomy.

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