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When choosing a café location to spend their time at, customers have specific preferences that can significantly influence their decision. Cafe owners or investors must also consider cafe location concerns, whether starting coffee shops or franchising a branch.

In this blog, we will delve into the top six things that customers seek in a café location, ranging from convenient accessibility and ambiance to the crucial factor of proximity to other amenities. Understanding these desires can help café owners create an inviting space that caters to their customers’ needs.

Cafe Location’s Ideal Atmosphere

We believe cafe locations should provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for customers to relax and enjoy their coffee. This includes cozy seating arrangements, pleasing decor, and a peaceful atmosphere that promotes conversation or productivity, depending on the target audience.

Additionally, the ideal cafe location should strive to balance being bustling enough to create a vibrant energy but not too noisy or crowded that it becomes overwhelming for customers.

Cafe Convenient Location

Based on responses from over 1K customers answering the queries gathered on Merika’s online franchising page, we concluded that over 84% of coffee lovers and cafe-goers perceived this element as the most important when choosing a coffee shop or a cafe location.

This should be no surprise, given that location was important when you first decided to open a café. Prepare to lose the battle with coffee drinkers on their way to work on weekdays. Driving 30 minutes in the opposite direction to work in the morning makes no sense. If you can deliver on the other top influencing factors, your café will remain a contender for their favorite weekend hangout!

A Wide Range of Drinks from the Coffeeshop

Trendy drinks

While many people prefer traditional coffee drinks, there is a growing trend toward customer preferences for more complex and non-coffee-based beverages.

Coffee shops should, of course, offer drip coffee, americanos, cappuccinos, and traditional lattes. Still, they should also consider offering pour-over coffee and a wide variety of high-quality coffee beans. Make your coffee shop a destination for coffee enthusiasts to sample some of the best coffee beans worldwide.

There should also be a good selection of milk substitutes. The popularity of milk alternatives such as soy and oat milk is skyrocketing and shows no signs of abating. Many customers will be disappointed if they visit a coffee shop that does not offer milk alternatives in their drinks.

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Cafe Location’s Ambiance

Cafe Ambiance

Visiting a café engages all of the senses, not just the sense of taste. When you satisfy your customers’ minds, they will enjoy the experience and return for more. This includes playing appropriate music, keeping the café clean, and encouraging your staff to dress nicely. Not to mention making sure everything is ‘insta-friendly’ because it’s all about eating with your eyes these days. There are many ways to maintain and work on the cafe ambiance which you need to know them.

A Wide Range of Food and Dessert Options

People don’t just go to coffee shops to drink coffee. As previously stated, coffee shops are places where people socialize and work. This means many people will spend significant time in the shop and inevitably become hungry.

The truth is that many coffee shops do not offer a diverse menu. Consumers prefer healthy food options, as evidenced by the trend. These don’t have to be elaborate works of culinary genius. However, a few high-quality food items and a selection of pastries are almost always required for any coffee shop.

Like the drink options, these items can be displayed in mouthwatering glory on digital menu boards to significant effect. Digital menu boards may also benefit from reducing perceived wait times. Nobody enjoys waiting in line, especially when they are craving caffeine.

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Topnotch Cafe’s Coffee Quality

cup of coffee

Above all, a satisfied coffee lover will return, so the flavor of the coffee must never be compromised! Merika Coffee has been roasting the highest-quality beans for many years and has developed a wide range of tastes and strengths to ensure that every customer who visits your café gets their perfect cup. Each blend is made from the highest-quality Robusta and Arabica coffee beans, ensuring irresistible flavor in every sip.

No need to mention it, but Merika Cafe has shown to be positively versatile when It comes to the best ways of coffee brewing methods as well as many various ways of tea brewing. To get more familiar with the many techniques that skillful baristas of Merika Cafe present, I suggest paying attention to these blogs.


This blog discusses the top six factors customers seek in a café location: the ideal atmosphere, convenient location, a wide range of drinks, ambiance, food and dessert options, and coffee quality. The perfect café location should provide a comfortable, welcoming environment with cozy seating arrangements, pleasing decor, and a peaceful atmosphere. A convenient location is crucial, as over 84% of coffee lovers and cafe-goers consider it the most critical factor when choosing a coffee shop or site. A wide range of high-quality coffee beans, milk alternatives, and a diverse menu are also essential. A topnotch cafe location should offer high-quality coffee, ensuring a satisfying experience for customers.

Also, after learning about the customer’s point of view when trying a new coffeeshop regarding choosing the best cafe locations, Merika has provided a relevant article about the most important factors when choosing the best cafe location for starting, which will help you more if you want to create your own business.

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