The 3 Key Role of Cafe Staff: Servers, Hosts, and Bartenders

the key role of cafe staff
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Without a crew to bring it into existence, what good are fantastic food, an excellent setting, and incredible restaurant styling? Each customer who enters your restaurant experiences your idea thanks to your front-of-house employees. But It definitely demands to know The 3 Key Roles of Cafe Staff: Servers, Hosts, and Bartenders.

Even though your server’s duties will probably alter as the job progresses, having a set of regular duties is crucial, particularly when creating a new server’s role in a cafe or restaurant. You should always check that these tasks are being completed at your restaurant. 

What roles should you assign in a cafe or restaurant to your servers, then? When we discuss this with you, we’ll remove the element of speculation.

Defined Roles of Employees in a Café Franchise

Your staff handles all daily management tasks for your café franchise. However, they also serve as brand advocates for your firm, and how they deal with clients and coworkers daily says a lot about you and your enterprise. By greeting clients and giving them first-rate service and consistently positive interactions, your staff plays a crucial part in the achievement of your company.

Chef Manager

It may be necessary to have prior leadership skills for the chef manager role, a leadership post at a café. In culinary service, it’s crucial to be ready to demonstrate proficiency in the kitchen and a sufficient work background. To ensure that the foods are supplied healthy and of high quality, the chef director must also maintain a stock of the materials and place orders when they run down. Finding the best components at a reasonable cost is crucial because the supervisor will work with a limited budget. 

Chief Cook

Make meals and aid in overseeing other back-of-the-house staff as the main chef. It’s essential to communicate effectively in the kitchen to ensure everyone understands the standards and what tasks need to be completed. They are demonstrating an effort to ensure food hygiene at work and emphasizing collaboration to keep a positive work atmosphere and business flow high, juggling several tasks simultaneously, including organizing and preparing.

Assistant Cook 

The prep cook will help with the creation of delectable meals. You’ll carry out standard kitchen duties like arranging components and workspaces so that meals may be made following instructions. A superb prep chef will be efficient, conscientious, and eager to learn new skills. You will be skilled and able to adhere to all kitchen hygiene and safety regulations. The perfect applicant must work well in a group in a hectic, fast-paced workplace.

Salad Bar

In addition to getting ready, making food, and slicing salad bar ingredients, the culinary assistant is in charge of keeping the salad bar neat and well-stocked. Vegetables must be chopped and cooked on the grill or in the oven, and protein must be prepared. The Salad Bar will sweep and sterilize work surfaces and manufacturing tools.


Cutting vegetables, dividing out spices, slicing deli goods, and keeping the work area neat and well-stocked are all duties that fall within the purview of the deli/prep cook assistant. Work surfaces and manufacturing machinery shall be cleaned and sanitized by the deli/prep cook.


A barista will make and deliver hot and cold drinks and different kinds of coffee and tea. The barista instructs Clients on the beverage menu, who also takes orders, upsells clients on specials, and recommends drinks depending on their tastes. Skills in customer service and understanding how brewing machinery works are necessary for fulfillment in this position.


Customer service abilities are top-notch for the cashier or cafe assistant. The cashier will look up the customer’s purchases, check that the amount and cost are correct, receive payments, provide receipts, respond to questions, and give customers valuable details about the goods, specials, or item locations. Keep the workstation tidy, address problems with the kitchen supervisor, and answer complaints positively. 

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The Role of Servers in A Café or Restaurant 

Offering exceptional customer service is a server’s most significant duty. It entails receiving orders, delivering meals and beverages, and responding to any client inquiries. Servers must remember requests, and preferences must be recorded. Additionally, they must be able to propose and upsell products from the menu.

The upkeep of the eating space is another duty of servers. It entails arranging the tables, clearing the space for eating after each customer, and preparing it for the following. In some restaurants, food preparation may also fall under the purview of the servers.

The importance of hosts for customer service and satisfaction Bartenders: 

Hosting is a key role of a café or restaurant that is crucial in the hospitality sector since they are in charge of establishing a welcoming atmosphere, scheduling bookings and waitlists, working with personnel, and utilizing tools to ensure everything works properly.

Here is a list of host roles in a cafe or restaurant : 

  1. Welcome visitors
  2. Hosting visitors
  3. Managing waitlists and accepting bookings
  4. Crowd management
  5. Establishing a systematic approach

Creating a great experience through drinks and conversation 

Visitors savor their time in bars and restaurants, using them as a break from their daily routines or a place to gather with friends for something to eat. However, given how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the marketplace, we must consider what counts for a fantastic bar and restaurant atmosphere and how to keep reintroducing sit-down meals into people’s lives after the pandemic.

Here are some pointers and counsel.

  • Place a priority on outstanding online reputation and glowing feedback.
  • Make Delectable Food and Drinks. There is nowhere else to get it.
  • Offer a Beautiful Menu
  • Do Certain High-Quality Service
  • Create the Proper Environment

How Teamwork Between Servers, Hosts, and Bartenders Is Essential for Success

The advantages are numerous when collaboration is functioning well in your business. The team as a whole benefits first. Employees gain valuable skills through teamwork that not only improve their performance in the workplace but also their overall quality of life. Afterward, leaders gain. Daily activities at a restaurant are streamlined through efficient teamwork. Lastly, collaboration is advantageous to the company. The mood of workers is more excellent, and they are more encouraging of one another when they perceive themselves as a team. It lowers the price of churn and boosts the bottom line.

Skills Required for Success in the Roles of Servers, Hosts, and Bartenders

People who work in the café or restaurant franchise utilize a variety of talents to carry out their roles in a café or restaurant kitchen. To provide customers with a satisfying eating experience, they must collaborate with other cafe or restaurant workers. A cafe or restaurant franchise job equips you with a wide range of transferable talents.

Apart from having specialized industry knowledge, there are several crucial positions in the café or restaurant industry.

Customer Care

The client experience is the focus of the cafe or restaurant industry. Providing a welcoming environment for guests involves the efforts of hosts, cooks, and servers. 

Managing Time

In the rapid-fire society of the café or restaurant sector, punctuality is crucial. For the satisfaction and health of the consumers, food must be delivered rapidly to keep a specific temperature. 


An employee’s roles in a cafe or restaurant involve looking after the stock, cooking equipment, and tableware. 

Paying Close Care

You can showcase your attention to detail by recalling food preferences and their reasons.


Excellent interpersonal abilities are necessary for those in the café or restaurant industry to deal with both employees and customers. 


In the food service industry, things can shift suddenly. To do their roles in cafes or restaurants effectively, the hosts, chefs, and other industry employees must learn to adjust to changing conditions. 

Working Together

To create a dining establishment for customers, professionals in the café or restaurant industry must work together as a team.

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